From floods to float tanks

Whew. The past 3 weeks have flown by, not without adventure though! The last time we checked in, we had a long list of things that had been completed, and this time, the list is shorter, but mighty.

First up, we got salty. FIVE THOUSAND POUNDS OF SALTY. It was a bit of a twisty-turny situation getting the salt, as the Labor Day holiday caused a bit of chaos in the shipping world. Our poor salt missed a connection, then it was separated from its shipping orders, then it was left on a truck in Kentucky, so our supplier graciously overnighted an entirely new order, and it arrived with a few bumps and bruises, but it arrived. Eli from FedEx was called in to pick up our order when it landed, and he had no idea what to expect, but was an amazing trooper and a kind soul who helped us load it all in the building. (This was on Saturday, and we had a hard deadline because the floors were scheduled to be painted on Monday, and we wouldn't be able to get in the building to store the salt.)

And now, the roller coaster... That same night after we loaded all of that new mag sulfate into our storage room, ya know - just a couple of days before our concrete floors were scheduled to be painted and epoxied - the remnants of Tropical Storm Gordon brought buckets of rain to Southern Indiana, and it was enough to cause all of our new plumbing (and the original stuff) to be put to the test. Unfortunately, there was a failure with one of the sewer valves, so our little center went for a swim (thankfully it was just kiddie pool depth and not swimming pool depth!). Our building owner and general contractor were quick to arrive and get a restoration crew out to pump out the water and clean up the space. Unfortunately, that meant the concrete was still too wet to paint, so we had to reschedule and essentially lost that entire week of progress.

And then our beautiful float rooms were delayed on the manufacturer's end, by two weeks.

And then a few more days. So we waited patiently, and then rushed out like kids on Christmas morning when they called to tell us they were 30 minutes away from the center... at 9 PM. The installation crew unloaded their trailer that night, and then worked all day Thursday to put together our beautiful float rooms. They finished all of the mechanical equipment and software set up Friday, and then they left us to take care of our new babies on our own. I must admit, it's pretty challenging to open the door to one of these rooms and not be able to get in to float, but we still have to wait a bit before we can salt the tank and jump in.

So, what's left? Quite a bit actually... since these float rooms aren't pods or traditional tanks, they're actually built into the space, which is part of what makes the construction so challenging. A lot of work was done already, but now we have to build a small wall in each room to separate the filtration units from the client side, and then get each one of the contractors back in again to finish up with the new wall and surround the float rooms, so we'll do another round of framing, drywall, painting, electrical, and plumbing... and then finish it all off with trim and doors.

This coming week, we're scheduled to finally get those floors painted, which will take a few days to complete, and the rest of the week to dry and cure. Then we have to do all of the things I just mentioned above, and once the crew is out, we'll get our final inspection and finally move in. (Our house is starting to overflow with furniture, supplies, and equipment!) And we still have some work to do with our salt cave, but we're super excited about that part of the project - so much so, that we're keeping the design a secret until we open! We have an exceptionally talented designer working with us on the project, and we're so grateful to have him aboard.

So, you know the drill by now, right?

Another box checked, and the pre-construction discounts are starting to dwindle, but you can still snag a bit of a savings this week. After the floors are done, we'll check another box and move closer to our regular pricing.

You all... we have float rooms. We touched them. They're real. We're just a few more weeks away from opening those doors to welcome you in. Do a little happy dance with us. Maybe shed a joyful tear or two like I have. And perhaps you can help us spread the word? Tell your friends about us, share our Facebook page, or check out our website. We're downright giddy right now, and we want to spread this joy around SoIN.

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