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Meet The Team


Graham Hannan,
Co-Owner/Director of Operations

Wellness center owner by day, rock star by night! When Graham isn't taking care of guests at Sukhino, or taking care of his two kids, he's found behind the mic in his regional band, Hannan.

Guests know Graham as the laid-back, easygoing guy who's always happy to help.

He's a Notre Dame football fan, and one of his original songs was used by the team at large games in the past.


Kim Hannan,
Co-Owner/Director of Strategy

While her previous career in the corporate world focused on on training and marketing, she always felt a pull to do something more, to help people in a bigger way. She began practicing yoga in 2004, and then started teaching in 2015 and found her way to guiding others to live happier, more peaceful lives. 

After leaving the corporate world, Kim's life centers around floating, even outside Sukhino - from running another business that provides industry training and marketing for other float centers, co-hosting a podcast for float center owners, to serving as the president of a float industry non-profit, and working with renowned researchers in the float community.


Sr. Wellness Guide

Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, Roya has always had an affinity for nature and the calm silence of the woods. She loves exploring and has traveled the United States, Europe, and lived for a short period of time in both Italy and Israel.


After the pandemic hit, Roya felt a strong desire to re-prioritize from the burnout of unfulfilling jobs and focus on the the things that truly mattered to her: fostering a positive mental health outlook, helping others, and spending time with loved ones. Roya is so excited to be a part of the Sukhino team and share her love for floating and wellness. She lives in New Albany with her fiancé and three cats.


Wellness Guide

Originally from just outside Chicago, Megan now lives in New Albany and is a mom of 3 incredible girls. Megan can also be found helping clients of her functional nutrition coaching business, Madra Rua Wellness, as well as teaching mindfulness and meditation classes for all levels of child development from prenatal classes through teens.

Always an animal lover, she currently serves as Vice President on two animal welfare agency boards. Locally, Floyd County Animal Rescue League and at the state level: up and coming group, Indiana Coalition of Animal Welfare Professionals. 

Wellness Guide

Coming soon! Ashley's a bit shy.


Wellness Guide

Leila is a native of Kentucky, Louisville born and raised in a small neighborhood in Oldham County. She spent most of her adult years in 
Louisville, and recently picked up her family and moved to Indiana to be the Hooiser Mama she was destined to be.

A nurturer by nature, Leila has been guiding her loved ones to wellness as long as she can recall. Her interests in holistic and natural remedies have always been important aspects of her life. When
she's not assisting our guests at Sukhino, Leila can be frequently found caring for her two brilliant sons. Leila also cares for her mother, who resides with them in New Albany, Indiana.

While Leila has ample experience within the hospitality industry, it is Earth based wonders that hold her attention the most. Outside of
work and home lives, Leila's passions include exploring nature, traveling, live music, and animals. One of her favorite quotes is, "The Earth provides!".

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