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Allow yourself to let go.



Born out of a desire to bring peace of mind and relief in the body, Sukhino Float Center and Salt Cave is Southern Indiana's first float center, as well as the first halotherapy center. 


We are a locally owned, small family business. Owners Kim Hannan and Graham Hannan moved to Jeffersonville in 2012 to settle down and raise a family. 

Kim has many passions and has found ways to focus on all of them. In addition to her work at Sukhino, her consulting business, Mindfull Solutions, focuses on social media, marketing, and training projects for other wellness and float centers. She also serves on the Board of Directors for The Float Conference, an industry non-profit organization that hosts float researchers, experts, and leaders at an annual conference.

Graham devotes his full-time attention to the daily operations at the center, and lives in the limelight as the lead singer and songwriter for HaNNaN, his band.

Together, they are raising two high-spirited, deeply loving children.

In Sanskrit, "Sukhino" means "centered in happiness and joy, free from suffering". We hope you'll join us to create that for yourself.

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