A lesson in patience

Opening a small business is certainly not for the faint of heart, but even more so, it's not for the impatient. I realized we haven't shared a lot about our progress lately, and for that, I'm sorry. I promise to do better moving forward!

We haven't shared much because, well, not a lot was happening. We were perfecting our skills at the waiting game though!

After a few challenges, we were able to secure funding for our build-out. If you've been to a float center before, it likely just looked like a float pod or tank in a room with a shower, but truthfully, there's a lot that goes into making it look so simple and serene... and salt-, sound-, and water-proof.

There's a lot of education that goes into each step along the way. Most banks have never financed a float center, nor have many architects drawn plans for them, nor contractors built them. Thankfully, we've assembled a wonderful team to help us bring this beautiful vision to life, and we've shared all of the intricacies of the process with each of them.

We've also had to wait for our contract team to be available to work on our project, and that alone was a feat given the amount of growth that's been happening in Southern Indiana lately. The great news is that we have complete, final structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans now, and the permits for construction have already been filed. We've heard the wait time could be anywhere from 10 days to a few months. Once we have the approval, our general contractor expects construction to take approximately 8-12 weeks.

For every step that we rush to complete, we have to take a breather and wait for the next puzzle piece to fall into place by someone who is operating outside our control. We're anxious to open, but this has been a beautiful lesson for us in being patient and trusting the process. While we've been waiting, we've been working on plans for finishing details, rewards programs, and little details that will help us operate smoothly when we open our doors to welcome you. The previous interior structures have been demolished, and the space is a blank canvas, ready for our contractors to work their magic.

We know that many of you pre-purchased float packages several months ago, and for that, we thank you. Further, we appreciate your patience as we all work together to create this sanctuary. We promise we're doing everything we can to make it worth your wait. In fact, as a special thank you, we're in discussions now about doing a special soft opening JUST for the folks who've pre-purchased gift certificates. We're still offering discounts on these packages, and as soon as we have a working timeline for the rest of the build-out, we'll be reducing the amount of the discounts. More to come on that later!

Again, we thank you sincerely for all of your enthusiasm, your support, and your patience. The wheels are in motion and the path is starting to clear.

In gratitude,

Kim and Graham

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