Another check mark complete!

It's officially official... we have state and city permits, and are all set to break ground... literally! We start the biggest part of the construction project next week - plumbing.

Since our last update, we had a few changes in direction. We changed contractor teams, and we've been working to lock down the details of the construction project, business insurance, and the loose ends for our business loans.

I realized yesterday that it's been a year since we first looked at the space, and as challenging as it has been to wait patiently as we tackle each step along the way, I'm feeling content about the current direction.

Next week, our plumber will begin cutting into the concrete flooring in the bottom level of The Kula Center, and will begin to drop in new plumbing for our laundry room, restroom, and three float rooms. It's a pretty big undertaking, and we expect it to take the rest of the month, and possibly a little bit more work in early July.

With all of that said, we've updated our pricing according to our Progress Checklist Promotion, and you still have time to save by pre-purchasing passes. Those who do so will be invited to a special soft opening before we open to the public, and we're also throwing in some extra goodies when we open.

P.S. Since you made it this far in the post, here's a little peek at what the place USED to look like, when it was the basement of an insurance office (after a couple of years of vacancy)...

Don't worry... it will be quite a dramatic "before and after"!

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