"How are you?"

"Busy. Tired."

"Yeah, me too."

Sound familiar? Let's change that. Together.

Women are exhausted ... simply drained and running on fumes. In a world that feels overwhelming as it demands more and more from us, it’s hard to find time for self-care, and it’s even harder to silence the guilty feelings that wash over women when we DO actually make time for ourselves.


We're here to help you refill yours.

In our daily practices of running small businesses, we (Kim and Sarah) each help countless women who are barely holding on, who are pushing themselves through the day-to-day routines by sheer willpower (sprinkled with a fear of disappointing others, seeking approval, or a host of other unhelpful thought patterns). This 40-day program is designed to not only refill your cup, but also to teach you how to make sure that cup is a constant priority, even when juggling all of those other plates that women notoriously do.

Phase 1:

Days 1-10

are focused on understanding the importance of rest and committing to it as a priority for 40 days. You'll craft a powerful intention to carry you through your restful journey.

Phase 2:
Slow Down

Days 11-20

will guide you through trimming your to do lists, finding a slower pace, and falling in love with stillness and white space in your schedule.

Phase 3:

Days 21-30

turn up the sweetness as you start to understand the stories you tell yourself and use them to empower yourself to become a master of saying no when you need to.

Phase 4:

Days 31-40

dive deep into blissful rest while helping you build your tribe and find your way as you begin your new life as a well-rested woman. You'll find ways to keep your rest going.

Your 40-Day Journey Includes

Yoga Nidra

You'll receive 5 specialized yoga nidra guided meditations - one for each 10-day segment of the program, plus one "emergency" express version for the days when you just can't find the time for your scheduled practice, or when you just need a quick break to get back on track.

Online Courses

Each 10-day segment includes a few small assignments, including short, engaging courses on topics to help you prioritize rest - from setting your intention to time management to overcoming your obstacles. 
*Please note: you must have a Facebook account to access the online courses.

Online Discussions and Support

You are not alone, in your exhaustion, nor in your recovery from it. We're here to guide you, but just as importantly, other women are joining you in the journey and we'll all lean on each other to navigate the program and life together.
*Please note: you must have a Facebook account to access the online discussions.

Journal Prompts

Journaling is a powerful form of self-care, as it allows us to pause and reflect on our own patterns and behaviors. This program will ask you to reflect on experiences you encounter during your yoga nidra practice, and it includes additional optional topics upon which to dive deeper into your journey to rest and recover.

Nidra & Needles + Women's Circles

Those who enroll in the full program are invited to join us to kick off and close the program together. We'll gather at Sacred Rose Medicinals for a live, guided yoga nidra practice that integrates acupuncture. After we're fully rested, relaxed, and grounded, we'll sit in a ceremony to bring our full selves to the program and to support one another in doing so. If you're unable to join in person, you'll be invited to an online event instead, so you won't miss out on the rest!

Acupuncture and Acupressure

The full version of the program includes two community acupuncture treatments at Sacred Rose Medicinals. All participants will also receive an online course that teaches you how to apply acupressure to key points on your own body to help you during challenging times. 

Float Therapy

If you elect to join the full version of the program, you'll also receive two float therapy sessions at Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave.

(Note: If you are a current Salt Lover Member at Sukhino, you have the choice to receive floats in addition to your current membership, or a discount on the program so you can use your monthly credits instead.)


General Program Questions

I'm not local to Southern Indiana. Can I still participate?

Yes! Courageous Rest includes several in-person events and appointments, but the core is our online program. We'll host an online version of the kickoff and closing events, so you won't miss out on those experiences. If you'd like to incorporate the recommended acupuncture and float therapy sessions, we can help you find service providers in your area, and you can schedule those on your own.

What is yoga nidra?

Yoga nidra is known as the "yogic sleep". If you've practiced yoga before, you're familiar with savasana, the final resting or "corpse" pose. Imagine that, for an extended period, with a relaxing guided meditation throughout the practice. You might fall asleep, but ideally, you'll drift in that blissful place between wakefulness and sleep.

I desperately need this in my life, but I can't afford it. What can I do?

We hate to see anyone miss out on the rest and recovery they need. Please complete this scholarship application. We can't guarantee a solution, but we'll do our very best to help you.

In-Person Service Questions

What is float therapy?

Floating provides a unique opportunity to disconnect from the five senses and turn inward for a truly relaxing experience. You'll step into a spacious, enclosed tub with about 10 inches of water, warmed to your external body temperature. As you lie back into the water, you'll float effortlessly with over 1000 pounds of salt to keep you afloat. You can choose to keep the lights on or off, and listen to music or relish in silence, as you drift into a sense of comfort and stillness. Click here to learn more.

How do I schedule my acupuncture and/or floating appointments?

Schedule your appointments online as follows:

  • Acupuncture at Sacred Rose Medicinals: Click here. Do not submit payment at the end. When you check out at the clinic, mention your enrollment in the Courageous Rest program.
  • Floating at Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave: Click here. Select the "Pre-paid" option during the scheduling process. Your float credits will already been applied to your account after we receive your payment.

How does acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is one of the main forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine. It involves the use of sharp, thin needles that are inserted in the body at very specific points. This process is believed to adjust and alter the body's energy flow (Qi) into healthier patterns, and is used to treat a wide variety of illnesses and health conditions.

Why does the description say 2-3 floats are included? Which is it?

Two floats are included in the cost of the program. However, we offer an Intro to Floating package to all new clients at Sukhkino Float Center & Salt Cave, wherein those who purchase 2 floats get the 3rd one for free (not shareable). If you've never floated with us before, we'll honor that same deal, and give you the 3rd float free. You can use it any time during this 40-day program, or save it for later. It's valid for 4 months from your first float. If you're a Sukhino Salt Lover Float or Combo member, you get to choose if you want to add floats to your account (included in the cost of the program), or use the ones you already have. If you choose to use the ones you already have, we'll offer a discount on the program.

Online Program Questions

How will I access the online program?

We'll utilize a special, private Facebook group that's set up to incorporate learning modules. You'll be guided through online courses there, and you'll also be invited to parktake in online discussions.

How long are the online courses and assignments?

You have a full plate. We get it. The online courses are quick, ranging from approximately 4 minutes to 10 minutes each. Other assignments, like responding to questions, or reviewing information should only take a couple of minutes.

Some optional resources will be shared, and those may take longer, but you're welcome to review them when (and if) you have time.

How do I practice yoga nidra each day?

The kickoff and closing events will be special practices. If you enroll in the full program, you'll join us for a live, guided practice. Online-only participants also get special opening/closing practices that will be accessible at your leisure.

The daily practices will be provided in MP3 format, so you can either listen to them directly from our shared space, or download them to keep on your phone. Just use your preferred listening app. It's up to you to schedule time, ideally in your sacred space, for your practice.



Katrina C

I attended Salty Nidra and Needles last evening.  What a truly relaxing and freeing experience. 

I was able to let go of so many past hurts.  Thank you Kim and Sarah for caring so much for each of us.

Ashley T

I have attended two of the Salty Nidra and Needles events and it is amazing! I leave feeling fully relaxed and in tune with my body. I will have my first float later this month and cannot wait for that experience as well. Highly recommend!

Missey B

My daughter and I participated in the salt cave and acupuncture event. This was my first experience with both. [...] Both ladies in charge were polite and very knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone giving these businesses a try

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Full Program

12 online courses

40 days of yoga nidra

online discussions

journaling exercises

custom journal

Nidra & Needles (2 events)

opening circle

closing circle

2-3 float appointments

2 acupuncture appointments

Over $700 value

Early bird rates and

payment plans available

Online Learning

Online Only

12 online courses

40 days of yoga nidra

online discussions

journaling exercises

online opening video

online closing video

Over $350 value

Early bird rates and

payment plans available

About Kim Hannan, RYT

After 15 years in the corporate training and marketing world, Kim stepped out to use all that she had learned to help others. Kim has been teaching yoga and meditation for many years, and is dedicated to helping others overcome the "busy" lifestyle in order to find contentment and peace in the present moment. This program is the culmination of Kim's skills and passions, coming together to help others learn, grow, and heal.

Kim co-owns Sukhino Float Center & Salt Cave with her husband Graham.

About Sarah Beth Adel, LAc

Sarah Beth is passionate about helping people heal, and finds great joy in watching her patients engage in their own healthcare journey. While some people may initially reach out for help because of pain or a specific diagnosis, others may “just have a feeling” that there is more to life than what they are currently experiencing.  

Sarah Beth’s Traditional Chinese Medicine education has given her the knowledge of acupuncture and herbal medicine which she can apply to many different physical and emotional diagnoses in order to find the best process for each patient. She graduated from Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2018.  

Sarah Beth owns and operates Sacred Rose Medicinals.


We'll give you the tools to prioritize your rest and healing in order to reset your nervous system, immune system, and stress levels. Reclaim your own power by learning how to effectively and productively be still and quiet.



Sunday, September 8th

7-9 PM at Sacred Rose Medicinals


Same week, at your leisure



Sunday, October 20th

7-9 PM at Sacred Rose Medicinals


Same week, at your leisure