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Salty Celebration: Day 3 - it's all about the cave!

Oh, how we love our salt cave. It's a magical space, an unexpected retreat in downtown New Albany... and it's like stepping into a whole new world (no magic carpet needed!).

So, to share that salty love, we're offering a Day 3 deal for halotherapy treatments in our salt cave, at our discounted membership rate, AND you'll get SIX for free! You'll save $354!

Click here to snag your 1 Year Pack before they're gone!

Wondering if this is a better deal than our Salt Lovers Float Membership? The answer is.... MAYBE. At surface level, yep. It definitely costs less per session. Our members get a lot of extra perks too, though, so if those are important to you, the membership is the way to go instead! Here's a handy little comparison:

Still not sure? Call us at 812.670.5040 or send a quick email. We're here to help!

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