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Finishing Touches

So, the tanks are in, the beautiful blue floors are ready... what's left? Well, a whole lot, actually! But it's going so quickly! Truly, the finishing touches are all those important things that don't take quite as long as all the other stuff.

In fact, each day that I've tried to write this post, as soon as I have it ready, we've knocked out another thing, so I'm hurrying up today to get it out there, and in just a few days, the majority of this will all be complete! Since my last update, we've:

  • installed doors

  • framed and drywalled the little wall that separates the client side of each room from the filter/mechanical side of each room

  • installed countertops for our prep room and laundry room

  • received (most of) our appliances

  • framed up the salt cave

  • completed electrical and passed electrical inspection in the salt cave

  • installed a gazillion layers of insulation to make our float rooms as quiet as possible

  • painted some beautiful furniture to go in our space

  • ordered allllllll the things to make your experience amazing

And now, our team is working hard to finish the last bits of construction and cosmetics before our upcoming occupancy inspection. We're wrapping up all the painting, installing, hanging, and sealing. And we're fine-tuning all of the programs, policies, and procedures.

We won't update this handy little list again, because honestly, it should all be done well before you'll be aching for an update. Everything is in progress as we approach the final countdown!

If you've pre-purchased a package, keep your eyes peeled for instructions to book your float! And if you haven't pre-purchased yet, you still have a few days left to get an exclusive invitation to our soft opening!

Graham and I have been spending almost every waking hour pulling together all of the final loose threads, and our hearts are so full. We are so grateful for your patience, your enthusiasm, and all of your love. As much as we love to float and hang out in a peaceful salt cave, this truly is a center for YOU.

We're almost ready to welcome you home.


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