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It's really real!

Hello, float fans! Since our last post, a whole lot of little (and big!) things have happened! Earlier this month, our space was still bare-bones with some electrical work and plumbing complete, but it was still very much a skeleton. In the past few weeks, the space has really started to come to life!

Here's a quick rundown of what's happened:

  • framing was completed

  • drywall has been hung

  • the bathroom floor was tiled

  • spray foam and roxul insulation went in

  • showers were fully plumbed

  • all of the lights were wired up

  • we added even more insulation

  • HVAC and exhaust were installed throughout

  • walls have been primed

  • we have a working toilet and bathroom sink

  • we got the green light to add our beloved salt cave! (More to come about that later...)

  • we placed an order for our interior logo sign

  • we placed an order for our exterior awning

  • we placed an order for a beautiful, custom coffee table for our lounge

  • tons of supplies are starting to arrive!

  • we're working on a rewards program and final pricing structures

  • we're creating our operations and training procedures

It's been a hodge podge of activity, and a lot of the work requires doing part of it now, and then the remainder has to wait until we install our float rooms. Speaking of those... we hit some sad news. When we placed our order for the float rooms and picked our target delivery date, our manufacturer said he had NEVER delivered on the first date that was picked for any center. Well, folks, thanks to the amazing Ed Siewert (our general contractor from Positive Colors, Inc) keeping everything on track, WE ARE READY!!!!

... But the manufacturer isn't. There were some delays with the fiberglass, so our delivery date got pushed back two weeks. (Heartbreaking, we know.)

Our crew is rearranging some things to keep the momentum going, and hopefully not lose too much time due to the delay, so in the next couple of weeks, the floors will be painted and epoxied, the rest of the ceilings will go in (likely with a little more sound insulation for good measure!), and we'll keep working on all of the finishes.

So that means we can't check a box just yet, but there was so much happening, I wanted to share. We'll keep the current discounted rates going a little longer, but once those floors are done, we'll make another tweak.

Please reach out and let us know if you have any questions. We're getting excited over here!!!

#construction #news

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