Electricity? Check!

I know, I know, ANOTHER post already? Yep. Our construction team is rocking it. We're right on track, and we just passed the electrical inspection. Since the last construction update, you'll see only subtle changes. Look for those electrical cables running throughout the entire facility. They're pretty cute, yes?

So, what's next? Still a lot, but starting next week, they'll begin hanging a bit of drywall, and start prepping for the floors to be painted and covered with a beautiful, salt-resistant epoxy. Our float rooms are scheduled to be delivered straight from the manufacturer (fresh off the production line!) in early September, so the crew will be making sure everything is ready for the big install.

With this latest check mark, the 9-float shareable package was retired, and our prices adjusted just slightly. You still have a little time to take advantage of the discounted rates though!

In gratitude,


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