We can see it! Another check mark!

After years of envisioning what this center will look like, it's so gratifying to see it being built, day by day, piece by piece. It has certainly shifted and evolved along the way, and I'm sure it will continue to do so in the next few weeks, but it's coming together beautifully.

If you've been following our past posts, you've seen the progress thus far. This week, we check another mark off our progress checklist: framing. The rooms are actual rooms instead of just drawings, and while the framing is now complete, the crew is running the plumbing and electricity through those frames for the next few days.

We expect to add a few more checkmarks, and then we'll hit a little lull in the checklist while the major stuff happens behind the scenes. After our float rooms are delivered in September, the "finishes" stage will take several weeks as our amazing construction crew builds the rest of the place around the float rooms. But for now, that means another slight adjustment to our pre-opening pricing, and another checkmark and happy dance.

Pre-order your discounted float packages online!

It's important to note that in the next phase, a few of the larger, shareable float packages will be removed from the website as we continue forward, so if you're planning to buy a package to share with a lot of folks, you might want to purchase sooner than later to save the most.

Thank you for taking the time to follow along on this journey. I'm off to pick out some more furniture for this lovely space.

In gratitude,


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