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Let's check off some progress!

Hi future floaty friends! As I mentioned in my last blog post, we're committed to keeping you informed about our progress in building this beautiful new space.

As of today, we're still waiting for permit approval from the state of Indiana so we can begin construction. We want to ensure we're being completely forthcoming with our progress, since our original target opening date has already passed. One thing we've learned already is that when other people are involved, we really do have to be patient and work with their schedules... and some of that is unpredictable.

While our hope is that you'll walk into the center and feel like everything just fits easily, there's a lot that goes into the construction to make the float rooms soundproof, waterproof, saltproof, and lightproof. That means we're educating our engineers, construction teams, and inspectors along the way, and it means we have to use special materials that aren't customary for construction.

Construction Progress Checklist

With that in mind, we'd like to celebrate each milestone WITH you all. We're going to be launching a new pricing structure for those who are interested in pre-purchasing packages before we open. As each major milestone is completed, we'll mark it off the checklist to show that we're getting closer to opening. And as we do, we'll be adjusting our pricing to be closer to the regular prices that we'll be offering when we open to the public.

Our package prices are currently at their lowest rate on our website, but as soon as we have permit approval (any day now), the first price change will happen to decrease the amount of the discount. If you like saving cash, grab your gift certificate now.


While we're waiting for the next step, we took advantage of an opportunity to meet up with other float center owners and attended the Rise Float Gathering, a small conference for float center owners, floating experts, and enthusiasts. It was a wonderful experience to connect with and share ideas with others who share this same journey. We were able to spend some quality time with Greg, one of the co-owners of Weightless Float Center in Louisville, and we met so many other amazingly kind and compassionate owners, manufacturers, and businesses who are supporting the industry -- and in doing so, reinforced our passion for what we're doing. (P.S. This is your friendly reminder that while we'd love to introduce you to floating personally, we aren't selfish about it. If you can benefit from floating, GO FLOAT AT WEIGHTLESS NOW! We're so fortunate to already have a beautiful center just a few minutes away.)

I was honored to join some new friends on stage to co-facilitate a roundtable discussion with all of the attendees. And we were also able to spend some time with and learning from Dr. Justin Feinstein of the Laureate Institute for Brain Research. Dr. Feinstein's research is one of the primary reasons we set out to open Sukhino Float Center. His most recent studies of a single float session for patients will clinical anxiety disorders have shown:

  • no negative side effects in patients, but instead moderate to extreme positive side effects

  • 100% of patients showed a pre- to post-float drop in anxiety levels

  • those with the most severe anxiety symptoms reported the biggest positive effects

It was truly an honor and an inspiration to share space with him and to learn more about how we can help our community members who deal with anxiety and stress each day. We'll be sharing more about his research in the near future.

That's a wrap for today. Hopefully we'll have some more news to share soon! Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We're here for you!


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