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Let's do the Wave!

After much deliberation, we think we've found "the one". We've explored pretty much every float tank, pod, pool, and cabin out there, and we're excited to share that, as long as all goes well for the new few phases of our build-out... we'll be bringing "the Wave" to our center! You step into it, like a cabin, and the ceiling is high enough to stand, but it slopes down in a wave pattern towards the back of the tub. This gives it much better air quality control, and also keeps it warmer and more comfortable. It adds a layer of sound protection too.

This sweet set up has all the best features of all the floatation units out there. 😍

✔️ You can stand up! (Very spacious!) ✔️ But it still feels just cozy enough without being small. (It doesn't feel like a giant empty box.) ✔️ You can choose to leave the light on, or turn it off. ✔️ You can leave the door open if you prefer. ✔️ You can choose music or silence. ✔️ NO annoying condensation! ✔️ It's easy to step from the shower directly into the unit, and back out again (means you don't have to run across the room while dripping wet!). ✔️ You can easily call us at the front desk if you need anything.

In reviewing them the other tanks, pods, pools, and cabins, the general feedback we've heard is as follows:

  • Tanks look like coffins. Many people would never even try floating if this is the only option. (But I promise, they're equally as amazing when you get in!)

  • Pods look super cool, feel cozy, but not as inviting to someone with space issues... or those who are tall. They also sometimes have condensation issues, causing random drips in the middle of a float session.

  • Cabins have a ton of space and feel inviting, but for those who prefer pods, they don't have the same "womblike" feeling. And some feel like they're walking into a big, walk-in freezer.

  • Open pools are awesome, but not great for true sensory deprivation, and people tend to get cold.

Anyone who has tried more than one option will tell you that once the lights are out, they're all the same. But we realize that perception can make or break someone's decision to float, and we don't want people to miss out on such an amazing experience!

We'd love to hear from you. Let us know what you think about the Wave.

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