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Your mom called. She said she wants some peace and quiet.

You know she deserves a break!

Honor her wishes this Mother's Day with a mini retreat away from it all.

Grab a gift certificate for a same-day float and salt cave mini-retreat!


Valued at $108.

float it

all away

Invite your mom to step into a spacious tub, filled with skin-temperature salt water. She'll lie back and allow her body to be fully supported by the solution, allowing her body, mind, and spirit to rest in a quiet, private suite.


With over 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt, she'll float effortlessly.

Let her leave the to do list behind and just be present.

re-center with deep breath

Give the gift of breathing easy.


Let Mom step into an unexpected world in our treehouse-meets-grotto salt cave. With over a ton of salt in the room already, Mom will breathe in pharmaceutical grade salt to open her airways, nourish her skin, and ease her mind.

Best of all, no one will be knocking on the door asking her if they can have a cookie before dinner.

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