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Sukhino Salt Lovers Membership

We offer a monthly float program to allow members to take advantage of special discounts. Those who agree to a monthly autodebit payment of $49 and a 3-month commitment are eligible for the benefits below.

Reduced service rates for you & friends

Floats for $49 each

We're currently offering a Membership Sale! Membership is normally $59/month, but you can sign up now for $49, and you'll receive a float each month! You can also bring up to two friends with you when you float for $49 each, and you can get unlimited subsequent floats during the month for that same discounted rate of $49.

Floats don't expire - and you can share!

Keep what you pay for!

We know life gets hectic sometimes (which is when you'll need to float the most!), so your floats don't expire - as long as you're an active member. And if you'd prefer to just share one of your monthly credits with someone else, you can pick one person with whom to share that month's float, and transfer it over to them!

Free birthday float

Happy Floatday!

If you're an active member during the month of your birthday, we'll credit your account with a free float to celebrate YOU!

Make it 90!

More salty time!

As an official Salt Lover, we know you know about the benefits of floating, so we'll bump ya up to 90 minutes at no extra cost. The same goes for guests who are with you!

Discounted workshops and special events

Save 5% on special events.

We'll occasionally offer special meditation and mindfulness workshops, as well as special events in our salt cave. As a Salt Lovers Float member, you'll get 5% off!

OR... make it a combo for only $20 more!

Add halotherapy and increased discounts!

If you'd like to add halotherapy to your membership benefits, we'll also give you one salt visit per month, plus all the discounts Salt Cave Members get (including disocunts and a free salt cave visit during your birthday month).


As an added thank you, we'll increase your special event discount to 10% off, AND you can save 10% off  retail products and special events we offer. There may be some exclusions based on agreements with our suppliers, but we'll do our best to give you the best deal we can. We also like to offer little tokens of appreciation along the way.

You can also earn FREE visits for the remainder of the month if you complete 6 floats or 6 salt caves in the month. (Six floats allows free floating for the rest of the month, or six salt cave sessions allows free salt cave sessions for the rest of the month.)

Sign up today!

Commit to your own well-being.

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